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[纸牌屋] 美剧《纸牌屋》的冷酷哲学

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And the butchery begins
Any pugilist worth his salt knows whensomeone's on the ropes
that's when you throw a combination to thegut
and a left hook to the jaw
Gaffney we had our own brand of diplomacy
shake with your right hand but hold a rockin your left
I've always loathed the necessity of sleep
like death, it puts even the most powerfulmen on their backs
The heart can choke the mind
when all its blood flows back onto itself
there can be no false steps now
the higher up the mountain
the more treacherous of the path
Good things happen to good people
Avoid wars you can't win
and never raise your flag for a asininecause like slavery
When the money's coming your way
you don't ask any questions
This hurts us both it was not my wound tosuture
Claire must be the surgeon
only she can stop the bleeding
The road to power is paved with hypocrisy
and casualties,
never regret.
It's not beginning the story that I fear
it's not knowing how it will end
everyone is fair at game now
there are two types of vice-presidents
doormats and Matadors
which do you think I intend to be
The only thing more satisfying than
convincing someone to do what I want
is failing to persuade them on purpose
it's like a do-not-enter sign
it just begs you to walk through the door
From a lion's dam to a pack of wolves
when you're fresh meat, kill
and throw them something fresher
Even Achilles was only as strong as hisheel
Cry havoc said he who fought chaos withchaos
and let slip the dogs of war
Every kitten grows up to be a cat
they seemed so harmless at first
small, quiet, lapping up their saucer ofmilk
but once their claws get long enough
they draw blood
sometimes from the hand that feeds them
For those of us climbing to the top of thefood chain
there can be no mercy
there is but one rule
hunt or be hunted
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