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已备演讲Globalization and Chinese Values of Harmony全球化与中国的和谐观

Globalization and Chinese Values of Harmony

Good morning, ladies and gentlemen:


Before Chinese and western civilization came into close contact, the Chinese people had always longed for a life depicted in traditional Chinese paintings. Those paintings present a harmonious coexistence of people and other life forms. Regarded as the essence of ancient Chinese philosophies, harmony has been deeply rooted in the minds of the Chinese people. On the one hand, it has contributed to the unique continuity of Chinese civilization. On the other, Chinese people became too much contented with their achievements to desire any further changes. As globalization deepens, it is bound to affect our ideal of harmony.


First globalization urges China to speed up its modernization, which threatens our regard for the harmony between Man and Nature. For instance. many dams and hydropower stations are being built for economic benefits at the expense of the well-preserved natural habitats. However, ecological malpractice of such kind goes against the notion of harmonious coexistence in ancient Chinese philosophies. More than 2000 years ago, long before the concept of environmental protection came into being, Dujiang Weir, a great irrigation project was built in southwestern China's Sichuan province. It succeeded both in controlling floods and in facilitating the agriculture without posing a threat to the environment.


Moreover, globalization has brought with it intense competition which threatens our regard for the harmony among people. Traditionally, moderation is a golden principle, presiding over inter-personal relations in China. Today, however, motivated to come to the top, some people become so self-centered that they choose to sacrifice love, friendship and even family ties.


Last but not least, diverse cultures have met in China as a consequence of globalization. Therefore, a clash of cultures becomes inevitable. Unfortunately, the past decades have witnessed a huge loss of cultural heritage in China. In cities like Beijing and Xi'an, hundreds of century-old Chinese-style houses are being demolished to make room for skyscrapers, shopping malls and eight-lane expressways


From these examples, we see the disharmony brought about by globalization. Yet it is not globalization that is to blame, but rather our attitude. As long as we approach globalization with harmony in mind, its benefit will outweigh its cost. Take my hometown, Hangzhou, for example. Thanks to the strenuous efforts made by the municipal government in achieving eco- development, various kinds of water birds have returned to the West Lake, calling it home again after years of migration elsewhere. From the lake bank, we see skateboarders and trick cyclists showing off together with people flying kites and kicking shuttlecocks on the plaza nearby. Therefore, although they compose a picture quite distinct from traditional Chinese paintings, this picture conveys a modern sense of harmony in this era of globalization


Ladies and gentlemen, to conclude, I would like to quote from British philosopher Bertrand Russell. In contrasting Chinese and Western civilizations, he observed, “The distinctive merit of western civilization is the scientific method; the distinctive merit of the Chinese is a just conception of the ends of life. It is these two that one must hope to see gradually uniting.” As we see the tremendous progress China has been making drawing on experience abroad, we may also expect the traditional Chinese value of harmony to enrich the world. I look forward to the time when Russell's prophecy comes true.


Thank you very much.

Host: The topic for your speech is.. Last July, a college student from Tsinghua University was killed in a mountain climbing accident. The accident brought back memories of a similar accident two years ago when five students from Peking University died while scaling a mountain in the Himalayas. How do you value the challenge that they set themselves?


张京: Good morning, ladies and gentlemen.

In human history, many figures stood out from the rest due to their great courage in sacrificing themselves to overcoming the challenges. We all re member Marie Curie, who suffered from the radiation of the chemicals however. her sacrifice won her two Nobel Prizes. When the Iraqi war broke out, many reporters, regardless of their safety and health, went to the war front to bring back the first-hand information. I admire their courage. However, I dare not agree that college students should sacrifice their lives to set and overcome those extremely dangerous challenges.


To my understanding, there are two basic reasons behind the deaths of [ those college students. First of all, they do not have a clear picture of their abilities. In other words, they overestimate their potentialities and, at the same time, underestimate the cruel conditions in those mountainous areas. With the advancement of science and technology, they could have gone through more professional trainings and be better equipped with the protective measures.


Secondly, I believe those college students, who died in their trips to Mount Everest, lacked a basic sense of responsibility for the society as well as for their families. Ever since the first human being set out to conquer Mount Everest, few succeeded. Many failed. More are buried in the snowcaps forever. The deaths of the college students brought unimaginable grief to their friends, families and the universities. For the family. the parents years of efforts to bring up and cultivate the child now became vain and futile. For the society, it has lost six potentially intelligent and talented people to improve the progress of the society.


Ladies and gentlemen, the famous American novelist, Ernest Hemingway once said, "Courage is grace under pressure." As college students, we should not go to extremes to prove to the world our courage. But rather, we can adopt other ways to present our courage more wisely and elegantly. In today's speech contest, we have seen many contestants presenting their courage to the audience and the Judges. I think we are no less brave than those mountain climbers.


My friends, life Is precious, We can only experience once. When you want to challenge yourself, do strike a balance between the sense and the sensibility. Again, I restate that I have great sympathy for those who died in the mountain climbing. And yet, I do not hope that we should cease our steps in further exploring and presenting our courage


Thank you very much. Thank you

Judge: Thank you very much for your speech. I think you're right. Life is precious.But accidents happen. But when someone dies, pursuing a dream or an ambition, should it not be seen as something positive? What if he has not died? He will be a hero.

Zhang Jing: Thanks for your question, To be a hero is many peoples' dreams. However, we should be more aware of the price were going to be the heroes. For college students, their major test is to study to gain more knowledge, in order to prepare them for their future career development. In other words, if they went to, though we went to attend on those adventurous trips into the dangerous mountains, they may become a hero if they lived, however, if they had not died, their knowledge and the experience they gained through their studies may cultivate themselves to become the heroes of their careers. There are different roles of heroes we can choose to become, not necessarily as a mountain climber. For me, I have a dream that is to be a successful diplomat. This is especially difficult for a girl, I know, but I think it can also prove to the world that I am courageous and I am talented. And I can also become a heroine by pursuing my dream as being a diplomat, rather than go to attend those extremely dangerous mountainous trips. Thank you very much



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