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[考试英语] 发一篇我最近写的英语文章

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学习写作半年,从之前一次只能写五六百字,到可以写一千字以上,渐渐明白了英语写作的道理,以后慢慢和大家分享,现在先用结果证实一下学习成果,我还走在学习的路上,写作还会提高。节选如下,主文在附件中,文章的主题是分析western Europe, the Byzantine Empire, and Islam 的similarity和dissimilarity.
The Heirs of Roman Civilization: Western Europe, The Byzantine Empire, Islam
When mentioning Western Europe and Islamic world, we may think of prosperity and stability about the former, and frequent conflicts, wars and single-product economy--petroleum about the latter, but it always has been like this in history? You will find out the answer after reading this article.
Since the Germanic kings took up the throne of the Roman Empire, warfare had been continuous and never ended. After hundreds of years of troubled times, three types of civilizations formed on the previous Roman land: the Germanic kingdom of western Europe, the Byzantine Empire, and Islam.The three new entities fell heir to Roman civilization and territory partially and went different ways, but they still had same similarities, the features could being divided into four parts to analyze: politics, economy, culture and religion.
From politics, economy, culture and religion, we have learned the basic features of west Europe, the Byzantine Empire and Islam. Looking back history, we can find out that it is so interesting that the roles of west Europe and Islam in the Early Middle Age were contrary to the ones today. At that time, Islam represented the prosperity and progress, while west Europe was on behalf of poverty and unwisdom. It was Islam that took the burden to preserve the Greco-Roman civilization, maybe beyond our imagination. Thanks to history, only to study constantly, we can be close to truth.  


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So your major is western history?
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