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[看电影学英语] 看电影《超能陆战队》学英语 — Big Hero

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电影《超能陆战队》是迪士尼与漫威联合出品bai的第一部动画电影。取材于由Steven T. Seagle和Duncan Rouleau在1998年开始连载的以日本为背景的动作科幻类漫画。影片由唐·霍尔及克里斯·威廉姆斯联袂执导,瑞恩·波特、斯科特·埃德希特、T·J·米勒主演配音。

Police: Alright, let me get this straight. A man in a kabuki mask attacked you with an army of miniature flying robot.

Hiro: Microbots!

Police: Microbots.

Hiro: Yeah. He was controlling them telepathically with a neurocranial transmitter.

Police: So Mr. Kabuki was using ESP to attack you and balloon man. Did you file a report when your flying robots were stolen?

Hiro: No, I thought they were all destroyed. Look, I know it sounds crazy but Baymax was there too. Tell him.

Baymax: Yes, officer. He is telling the tru…th.

Hiro: What the… What’s wrong with you?

Baymax: Low battery.

Hiro: Whoa. whoa, try to keep it Ho..me.

Baymax: I’m a health care, your personal Baymax…

Police: Kid, How about we call you parents and get them down here.

Hiro: What?

Police: Write your name and number down on this piece of paper, and we can…

Hiro: I gotta get you home to you charging station. Can you walk?

Baymax: I will scan you now. Scan complete. Health care.

Hiro: Okay. If my aunt asks, we were at school all day, got it?

Baymax: We jumped out of a window.

Hiro: No, but be quiet. Shhh!

Baymax: We jumped out of a window.

Hiro: But you can’t say things like that on our Aunt Cass.

Aunt: Hiro, you Home, sweetie?

Hiro: That’s right.

Aunt: I thought I heard you. Hi!

Hiro: Hey! Aunt Cass!

Aunt: Look at my little college man. Ah! I can’t wait to hear all about it. Oh! It means it’s almost ready.

Baymax: we …..

Hiro: You be quiet?

Aunt: yeah, win… Alright, get ready to have your face melted. You are gonna feel these things tomorrow. You know what I’m saying? Okay, sit down. Tell me everything.

Hiro: The thing is, since I registered so late, I’ve got a lot of school stuff to catch up on.

Aunt: What was that?

Hiro: Mochi. That darn cat.

Aunt: Oh, just take a plate for the road, Ok? Don’t work too hard.

Hiro: Thanks for understanding.

Baymax: Hairy baby. Hariy baby.

Hiro: Alright, come on.

Baymax: I’ll carry on. I’m your person Baymax.

Hiro: One foot in front of the other.

Key Words

Let me get this straight. =Let me get this clear.让我把事情说清楚,咱们把话清楚。

kabuki /kbuki/ 歌舞伎(日本传统剧种,由男子表演)

miniature /mnt(r)/ 微型的;小型的

Telepathically /telpθkli/ 心电感应地

Neurocranial transmitter /njr krenil/ /trnsmt(r)/ 头颅发射器

ESP = extrasensory perception 第六感

File a report 报案

Low battery 电量低

Get them down here 让他们过来

Got it? 明白了吗?懂了吗?

I thought I heard you. 我就觉得我听到你的动静了。

Just take a plate for the road. 边写作业边吃。

Don’t work too hard.别累着了


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